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The Film From Lot 15

(156) 8.0 79 min 2018

The Film From Lot 15 is a movie starring Keiran Whitehead, Jyoti Jakovickis, and Talya Bolge. An amateur film maker assembles a rag tag group in order to attempt the impossible: make a movie from start to finish in 10 days.

Talya Bolge, Jyoti Jakovickis, Maia Bradley, Keiran Whitehead
Max Coultan

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Format: H.265
Dan is a narcissistic teenager who loves to make movies. He makes a film entitled The Hunt and sends it to an editor to be edited. When called upon to collect it, the editor asks him what he plans to do with the film, and Dan tells him that he plans to enter it into a film festival. The editor tells Dan that he has no chance in hell in winning, and essentially gets laughed out of the room. To reaffirm his beliefs about his film, he takes the final product to John, his producer, to get confirmation that the movie is in fact good. However, John quickly comes to the realisation that it's as awful as the editor says, and encourages Dan to drop his hopes of entering the film festival this year, and to wait until next year. Lisa, his casting director, advises him however to make a new movie before the deadline, despite the fact that the deadline is in 10 days. Dan agrees, however John is not entirely on board with this. Dan talks John into it, and he agrees to be apart of it on the condition that they get a professional crew. The crew is assembled and they meet to discuss potential plot lines. Eventually, Dan announces that he has a simple idea for a movie, where a character gets drunk, falls underneath some boxes and gets trapped, and he wants to call it, the 5 Box Fright. They begin production immediately in a warehouse at the local storage facility, however, the production is plagued with actors not showing up, sisters getting in the way, and Dan's ego alienating everyone on set.

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