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A Midnight Kiss

(512) 6.2 95 min 2018

A Midnight Kiss is a TV movie starring Adelaide Kane, Carlos PenaVega, and Pauline Egan. "With only one week to prepare, Mia Pearson (Adelaide Kane) and her family of party planners are given the biggest job in their company's...

Jason Cermak, Pauline Egan, Adelaide Kane, Carlos PenaVega
J.B. Sugar

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Format: Blu-ray
Pearson is a family owned and operated party planning company in small town coastal Seaford, Washington. Husband and wife Gary and Barb Pearson founded the company, but they and their now adult offspring Jake and Mia Pearson work as a team. While Jake sees big things for the company and his place firmly ensconced in it, Mia fell into the business as a family obligation, she having pushed away whatever dreams she may have had for her own life in the process. It's the end of the Christmas party season, this Gary and Barb's last season before retiring. While Gary and Barb plan on spending New Year's Eve in Palm Springs, Jake and Mia have decided to take the rest of the year off before regrouping as partners in the new year. On December 23rd, they are asked by arguably the most important business person in town, Kate Clark, to take over the planning of her New Year's Eve party. Despite being two people down and Jake's very pregnant wife Lori Pearson unable to help, they agree as pulling this party off could bring the company to the next level, especially in networking with Kate's influential group of friends. On Christmas Day, Jake becomes temporarily incapacitated, leaving Mia to organize the party on her own unless they can find someone else to help. Who they ask despite he having no experience in the business is Jake's best friend from college, David Campos, an up and coming documentary filmmaker who, instead of heading "home" to Arizona for the holidays, is staying with Jake and Lori as he has a meeting in Seattle to secure funding for his next project, which, if he gets it, means he will be off to China immediately following the holidays. In the process of working together through all the hurdles, Mia wants to stay with what is tried and true, while David, matching his adventurous life, wants Mia at least to consider things which are outside of her comfort zone. While Mia and David may not admit it to themselves, everyone around them from Kate, to Lori, to Jake can see that they are falling for each other. If they do admit their attraction and come together, Mia may open her eyes to what she really wants in life.

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