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Rip 2 My Youth

(210) 9.4 51 min 2018

A Portuguese Documentary about Transsexuality. Produced by a group of students of the Master of Audiovisual and Multimedia of the School Superior of Social Communication (ESCS), "Rip 2 My Youth" is a Portuguese documentary that portrays the story of a young transsexual. "Rip 2 My Youth" tells the true story of Isaac dos Santos, a 20-year-old through the process of gender transition. From a very young age Isaac realized that he did not identify with the female sex, having decided to change his life and his body when he was only 18 years old. In "Rip 2 My Youth" you can see the whole process of transforming Isaac, a hard but rewarding journey marked by his strong charisma and determination. The documentary is co-produced by Comprimido, a web-video marketing agency, and is one of the first transsexual films ever made in Portugal, with a real testimony and a positive story about one of the most fractured and taboo issues of today's society.

João Figueiredo, Elizabeth Vieira, João Pico

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