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Rädda våra liv

(159) 8.5 55 min 2018

In "Save our lives" we meet three families, all of whom have accepted their children as trans from day one. We believe that part of the road to better health amongst transgender people is to find them when they are children so they only have to come out that single time. With our documentary we wish to show you how these families have handled everything and what difficulties lies ahead. We wish to show you that it is entirely doable to listen to your child, despite all the challenges the family will face. Two of the children are in the beginning of their journeys, where authorities, organizations and schools make their lives more troublesome than they need be. The third family lost their daughter in the fall of 2017. We call this "the inevitable future", because this is what is likely to happen to our other children if they don't receive the proper care they need. Together these stories will help provide society with more knowledge regarding this type of ill mental health, and through this we can change the way children and teenagers with trans identities are being treated. In Sweden 36% of transgender teens have tried to kill themselves, which is unacceptable. This must change and we hope that this documentary will help in changing it.

Camilla Gisslow

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Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Camilla Gisslow
Writer Camilla Gisslow
Country Sweden
Also Known As Save Our Lives, SAFE - psykisk ohälsa bland barn med transidentitet
Runtime 55M