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Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South

(168) 6.3 163 min 2018

Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South is a movie starring William Hurt, John B. Johnson, and Joe Gardner. A freight train runs through a film set. A camera assistant is killed and the director held responsible and...

Randall Miller, William Hurt, Joe Gardner, John B. Johnson
David Rollins

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On February 20th, 2014, a CSX freight train hit a movie crew filming a scene on live tracks in south Georgia, USA. The second camera assistant, Sarah Jones, was killed. The director of the movie, Randall Miller, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespass and served a little over a year in the county jail. The photo often accompanying the report on this incident in the press showed a relaxed Miller on the tracks with a metal hospital bed, more than a dozen crew and lots of film equipment. No one in their right mind would set up a scene like that on live tracks; it would be suicide. Was Miller nuts? I decided to take a closer look at the incident. It quickly became clear to me that the whole business was a writhing bucket of snakes. The more evidence and depositions I was exposed to, the more I became convinced that, like pretty much almost everyone else there, Miller had stepped onto those tracks blithely unaware of the danger headed his way. The Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South, became my quest to unlock the truth leading up to the accident, and the aftermath. The incident was an emotionally charged one within the U.S. film community. The press said Sarah was popular and attractive. Also, she became the poster girl for greater on-set safety, a wholly worthwhile crusade. It's likely that I will be accused of selective editing or worse - fake news. And that's why I'm making available much of the source material for the documentary, over 200 hours of legal deposition as well as the more startling items of evidence that have come to light. An early draft of this documentary was shown to the FBI. The Bureau subsequently opened an investigation into the wrongful arrest of Miller and various civil rights abuses. I have been informed by multiple sources that an investigation is ongoing. As you probably know because you've found your way here, The Trial of Midnight Rider: Railroaded in the Deep South is a three-part documentary series available Worldwide on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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